After creation, any Waves based tokens become automatically available on the Waves.Exchange. So, you can trade it with any trading pair against any other tokens.

If you want to list your token to an external exchange, you need to send a personal listing request. We recommend starting with those exchanges where other Waves based assets already listed. You can find more details here and here.

Perhaps to list your Token to a third-party exchange, you may need the following information:

1. Asset name — (For example, My token);
2. Ticker / short name of your Asset — (For example, MYT);
3. Algorithm — Waves based token;
4. Number of blocks / block height —, "Current height:");
5. Token supply;
6. Default fee — 0.001 Waves;
7. Block time — 1 min;
8. The programming language — Scala;
9. Type of mining — LPOS;
10. secp256k1ver — New;
11. Source code —;
12. Explorer —;
13. API request with token data — here Asset ID of your Asset;

The trading volume details for Token / Bitcoin pair (find your asset in the list) — and Token / Waves pair (find your asset in the list) —

For more information about your token, please click on this link — find your Token in the token list and click on Asset ID:

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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