To recover an account you can use either Waves.Exchange Online app, or downloadable standalone versions for Windows, Mac or Linux. All versions are available on the website and support automatic updates!

Open your Waves.Exchange app and click Get Started in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the Create password field enter the password, repeat it in the Confirm password field and click Continue.

Then click on the Import accounts button:

You can import as many accounts as you need if you want to use several accounts. Just repeat the steps described below for each importing.

Click the Seed or Key button.

Note: You can also import accounts from the Ledger Nano.

Copy and paste or type your SEED phrase into the Seed phrase field or enter an encoded SEED in the Encoded seed field or enter private key in the Private key field. Waves.Exchange app will automatically generate the corresponding address below the text field.

If you entered the correct SEED, your Waves.Exchange address will be displayed. Click Continue button, if you see your address.

In the next window specify a new account name and click Continue.

You will be forwarded to the Waves.Exchange app user interface.

How to sync accounts between devices

You can synchronize your accounts between mobile, desktop or online apps. To sync your account from the Waves.Exchange desktop or online app, click on the Account avatar at the top right corner. Then go to Settings > Security.

In the Export account to app field click Show Pairing Code.

Click Show to display QR-code. After that open the mobile app and go to the Import account screen and tap Scan pairing code to scan the QR-code.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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