Leverage on Waves.Exchange is a floating leverage margin trading tool. Unlike classic leverage trading, there’s no need to deposit any collaterals in leverage, so there is no margin call risk and you do not need to worry about collateral, margin maintenance, and therefore, the liquidation risk.

BTCUP & BTCDOWN are Waves DeFi assets with floating leverage that are currently available on Waves.Exchange. Instead of constant leverage, this kind of Waves DeFi assets differs and has a constant leverage range which starts from 1.5x and can be equal up to 3x. The leverage movement of BTCUP and BTCDOWN assets depends on the market conditions and the value of their underlying asset Bitcoin (BTC). A 1% rise in the BTC price causes x3 growth in the price of the position asset BULL (BTCUP). In case the BTC price falls, the price of the position asset BEAR (BTCDOWN) rises.

Getting Started with Waves DeFi Assets

By tracking the change in the market value of the underlying Waves DeFi assets, you can determine which of the leveraged assets is currently profitable in order to proceed with your purchase deal.

Redemption of USDN with Waves DeFi Assets

In order to exchange Waves DeFi assets for USDN, you can use the "Redeem" option. The redemption fee will be 1% of the USDN amount expected to be received.

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