NSBT is an additional asset based on USDN. These assets can be purchased with WAVES and then exchanged for USDN, at a ratio of 1 NSBT: 1 USDN. NSBT can also be transferred to another account or sold via the Waves.Exchange. NSBT is basically your “future USD”.


The current discount is 28%. Price of 1 WAVES asset = 1.12 USD.

You invest 1005 WAVES (that equals to 1125.60 USD) and buy in exchange for them ~ 1564.58 NSBT. In the future, you will get a guaranteed opportunity to receive 1564.58 USDN for your NSBT, which you can exchange for USD. Your profit is 39%.

In order to purchase NSBT tokens, you need to go to "Investments" and click the "Invest Waves" button:

Next, on the "I want to invest" tab, enter the amount for which you want to purchase NSBT. Below you will see the information about the current discount, relative profit and net profit. Click the "Invest Waves" button. After purchase, your tokens will be automatically queued for redemption and you can see open orders in the "My Investments" section, the "NSBT to USDN Exchange" tab.

On the "I have NSBT" tab you can create orders to redeem your NSBTs.

Enter the required amount and click the "Get USDN" button. Your assets will be exchanged at a ratio of 1 to 1. Usually, the process takes from 1 week to 6 months. You can see open orders in the "My Investments" section, the "Exchange NSBT to USDN" tab.

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