NSBT (Neutrino System Base Token) is an asset based on the Neutrino protocol. NSBT can be used as a money making tool or as a tool to manage the Neutrino protocol.

To earn money using NSBT, it is enough to focus on Backing Ratio or BR. You can find out the current BR value on a special page.

If BR <100%, the current discount for the purchase of NSBT for WAVES is calculated at a price less than 1 USD with the subsequent exchange of NSBT for USDN for 1 USD. In other words, you buy NSBT for less than 1 USD and then sell for exactly 1 USD and thus make a profit. You can always quickly and conveniently purchase WAVES using a bank card or AdvCash wallet. Also, you can buy WAVES on the exchange for any cryptocurrency you like.

With BR >= 100%, the price of NSBT in USD equivalent becomes more than 1 USD. However, even by purchasing NSBT for more than 1 USD, you have the opportunity to earn money by selling them on the exchange when the price rises. To exchange WAVES for NSBT and then exchange NSBT for USDN, you can use the Waves.Exchange application.

By investing in NSBT, you have the opportunity to influence decisions regarding the Neutrino protocol, product roadmap, and its features, and also to change control parameters. NSBT holders can vote for one or another stablecoin, which, if it wins the vote, will be issued based on the Neutrino protocol. All stablecoins are pegged to world currencies. To exchange them, you can use the DeFo interface in the Waves.Exchange application.

Voting is the first implemented feature to manage the Neutrino protocol using NSBT. The voting procedure is carried out with the NSBT token, where 1 NSBT equals 1 vote. Once you’ve made your choice, your NSBT tokens will be transferred to a smart contract and stay there until the vote is over.

In the future, NSBT holders will be able to vote on specific parameters of the pricing curve, and, ultimately, on the main assets, except for the WAVES asset. NSBT is a synthetic instrument that combines speculative value and voting functionality. In addition to this, NSBT may get an utility beyond this governance aspect, as users can lock NSBT up as collateral to create other DeFo assets like GOLDN, i.e. Neutrino Gold.

Read more about the mechanics on the NSBT FAQ page and on the NSBT main page on the Waves.Exchange.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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