Waves.Exchange app contains advanced features. One of them is Script transaction. With this feature, you can create multi-signature wallet. So, that several owners of one Waves.Exchange account can manage the funds stored on the same balance. For easier management of script transactions, we integrated special section called JSON.

ℹ️ The fee for a transfer of a Smart Asset from a Smart Account would be 0.001+0.004+0.004=0.009 Waves. Set Alias for an account without a script would cost 0.001 WAVES, whereas for a Smart Account it would be 0.001+0.004=0.005 WAVES.

Before you start, please keep in mind. We do not recommend you submitting JSON unless you are an experienced user. Errors may lead to loss of funds.

Waves.Exchange Online app, as well as downloadable standalone versions for Windows, macOS or Linux are available on the https://waves.exchange/ website.

To start using all the advanced features of the application, you need to activate them.

Open online or desktop Waves.Exchange app and click on the account avatar at the top right corner - choose the Settings item - in the Settings tab select Advanced features checkbox.


So, let's transfer 1 Waves or any available assets from the multi-sig account.

Log in to the multi-sig account - navigate to the Wallet tab and click Withdraw button on the Waves panel.

Fill in the sending form and after you have entered all necessary information, click Continue.

Open JSON tab and copy the code, or share the Link or show the QR Code from the Export tab.

Share the data with other members of the multi-sig account.

Note: Please keep in mind, if you specified sequence of accounts as A, B, C. Where A is multi-sig account and B, C participants of the created contract, to confirm the withdrawal from the multi-sig account, you must follow the sequence of confirmation by other members of the multi-sig account.

So now, contract member should log in to the account which has the right to confirm the multi-sig transaction.

At the top right corner click {} JSON.

After that, put recieved JSON code in the TX JSON field. Note: If multi-sign account signature is not needed, the first participant must clear the proofs array in JSON code. Click Continue.

Check the entered data and click Sign.

Open JSON tab, copy the code, and send it to the next participant.

After the transaction is signed by all participants, the last participants should Send it. After a few seconds, the created transaction will be confirmed. Thus, members of the multi-signature contract have confirmed the withdrawal request from the multi-sig account.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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