To send and receive assets on mobile devices use the latest version of Waves.Exchange mobile app:

How to Receive Assets from an External Source

⚠️ When receiving cryptocurrency, please carefully read the transaction conditions displayed in the user interface. While we don't charge any fees for the deposit transactions, the sender side may charge commission for the transactions.
The transaction fee may vary depending on the selected cryptocurrency.

Open the installed Waves.Exchange app, log in to your account and at the top right corner of the interface tap the following icon, then tap Receive:

Choose whether you want to receive the selected cryptocurrency from the Waves Account or from an External Source, such as wallets of other vendors.

Then tap Token and select cryptocurrency from the list:

Please read the conditions carefully and check the entered data before you proceed.

When you have checked all the entered information, click Continue.

Use the displayed address or the QR Code for the payment.

⚠️ The minimum and maximum deposit amounts are displayed in the window. Please use the displayed address only for sending the selected cryptocurrency from external non-Waves.Exchange wallets. Sending other than the selected cryptocurrency to this address may result in the total loss of your deposit.

Note: You can receive Bitcoins to SegWit Address or Legacy Address. SegWit Addresses begin with bc1 and have reduced transaction fees, but may not be supported in some cases. Legacy Addresses begin with 1 and work everywhere. Both are safe to use.

Note: Waves.Exchange does not support Ethereum smart-contracts addresses!
Please make sure that the sender side does not use smart-contract wallet for the payments. For more details see Ethereum Transfers from Smart-Contracts.

You can also recharge the balance of your wallet with BTC and USDN by using your plastic card. For more details see: Buy BTC with Plastic Card and Buy UDSN with Plastic Card.

How to Receive Assets from Waves.Exchange Users

The process of receiving cryptocurrencies from Waves.Exchange users is very simple. Just share your Waves.Exchange address with the person who wants to send you the assets.

Open the installed Waves.Exchange app, log in to your account and tap the QR-code icon at the top left corner of the screen:

On the next screen you will find your Waves.Exchange account address. You can copy the address to the clipboard by tapping Copy or share it by tapping Share:

Also, on this screen you can find QR code that contains your address. You can use it as the recipient address for the incoming transfers from Waves.Exchange users.

How to Send Cryptocurrency

Open the installed Waves.Exchange app, log in to your account and at the bottom of the interface, tap the following icon, then tap Send:

In the following screen fill in the sending form:

  • Token: Select cryptocurrency that you want to send.
  • Recipient: Enter the recipient's address or scan QR-code or select the address from your address book. Note: To send assets to Waves.Exchange accounts, use the recipient's Waves.Exchange address, as described above in How to Receive Assets from Waves.Exchange Users section.
  • Amount: Define the amount of selected cryptocurrency that you want to send or tap Use total balance, 50%, 10% or 5%.
  • Transaction Fee: Select the type of currency to pay the fee.

Please read the conditions carefully and check the entered data before you proceed.

⚠️ When sending cryptocurrency to an external address, note the minimum/maximum transfer amounts and make sure to account not only for 0.001 WAVES transaction fee, but also for the Waves.Exchange fee.

After filling the form tap Continue, double-check the entered data and tap Confirm.

Processing may take up to 60 minutes to complete.

Details of how to use sponsored fee are available here.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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