LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake) gives you the opportunity to make the network stronger and safer while receiving Waves and other assets as a reward for doing so. This is called Staking.

Most people don't have 1000 WAVES to run their own node, but they are still able to help the project by staking their Waves to someone who is able to run a node.

The biggest nodes pay to their users in one week cycle. The LPoS reward depends on the conditions of the selected pool. We do not regulate the payment process, so before using LPoS service, please carefully read the terms of payment and do your investigation of the pool that you want to use. The terms can vary between LPOS pools.

Please use the list of nodes – forum.wavesplatform.com/c/pools.

How to Stake Your Waves

Open Waves.Exchange mobile app and at the bottom of the interface select Investement screen.

Tap WAVES Staking to go to the WAVES Staking tab.

In the WAVES Staking tab tap Stake WAVES.

The staking screen has two editable boxes: one to specify the recipient address which would be the address of any mining pool, another one to specify the amount you are willing to stake.

Fill in the boxes and tap Stake WAVES.

In the Confirmation screen that will open next, check the entered data and tap Confirm.

Once you confirm the stake, you will be forwarded to the main Waves Staking page. There you will see the status of active stakes.

To check the history of all stake tap Transaction history.

How to Close Active Waves Staking

Open Waves.Exchange mobile app and at the bottom of the interface select Investement screen.

Tap Waves Staking to go to the Waves Staking tab.

Under Active now tap on an active stake to cancel.

On the screen that opens tap Cancel Waves Staking and then confirm the operation by tapping Cancel Waves Staking again on the Confirmation screen.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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