You can perform mass payments from your Waves.Exchange wallet. With this feature, you can send Waves or any other Waves-based assets from your wallet to multiple (up to 100) Waves.Exchange addresses directly.

Note: To enable mass transfer feature, click on the account avatar at the top of the Waves.Exchange app interface, then go to Settings > General tab and select Advanced features checkbox:

The following example describes distribution of Waves tokens, although this method also works for any other assets. Before you start, please make sure that you have enough Waves to cover the transaction fee.

⚠️ When sending or receiving cryptocurrency, please carefully read the transaction conditions displayed in the user interface. The transaction fee may vary depending on the selected cryptocurrency.

Open Waves.Exchange app dashboard and in the ассетов tab click Send on the block with the cryptocurrency that you want to send:

Note: You can add more blocks with cryptocurrencies. Just scroll the dashboard down and click + icon to select one of the supported assets from the list.

In the following window select Mass Transfer tab:

Fill in the sending form.

Recipients, Amounts: Enter the Waves.Exchange recipient addresses and the number of tokens you want to send to each address. Note: You can use up to 100 addresses per one request. Please use the following syntax: Address,Amount.



Add Description: Optional. Select this checkbox to enable the text field to write a message for the recipients. Total Amount: This field calculates the total number of the tokens you want to send. Transaction Fee: The transaction fee depends on the number of recipients and is calculated using the following formula: 0.001 + 0.0005 * Number of recipients (The total is rounded up to the thousandths).

After you have filled the form, click Continue.

In the following window you can double-check the entered data, and if everything is correct click Send or click Go Back to make corrections.

After clicking Send, you will be able to find the mass payment transaction in your Wallet > Transactions.

You can create payment file for the distribution. Just create a text file with the list of the Waves.Exchange recipient addresses and number of tokens you want to distribute. Use the following syntax: Address,Amount.
Example: 3P9KR33QyXwfTXv8kKtNGZYtgKk3RXSUk36,0.12345

Save the file as CSV document, import it by clicking Import a CSV File in the Mass Transfer tab of your Waves.Exchange app and follow the mass payment procedure described above.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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