WX token is the governance token of the decentralized Waves.Exchange. Each block in the Waves blockchain (every minute), 190 WX may be released part of which is burned, the rest is distributed in the following ratio:

50% is distributed among liquidity providers who stake their LP tokens (⅓) and gWX holders (⅔);

20% is used to create a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) fund for DeFi startups and NFT platforms built and maintained by the Waves.Exchange scheme. The token vesting period will be one year;

15% is transferred to the Waves.Exchange team over a one-year period;

9.9% is used to finance Waves.Exchange marketing activities. The tokens will be unlocked over a one year period.

5% is distributed among the users that bought WX through the IDO. Tokens bought in the IDO will be unlocked over a one-year period following the completion of the IDO.

0.1% is distributed among early investors. The vesting period is one year following the completion of the Early Birds program.

To receive WX, it is enough to invest tokens in the liquidity pool and stake LP tokens, which users receives for the invested funds. WX tokens can be locked and received in return for the gWX token (voting token). gWX gives the opportunity to increase income from LP tokens staking (Boosting https://waves.exchange/liquiditypools/faq#boosting) and to get additional rewards from trading commissions. Also, gWX owners will be able to vote on the weight of the pools, for adding new pools, for increasing the reward for LP tokens staking, and much more.

Note: your gWX amount gradually decreases starting from the moment you get them. The decreasing of the gWX doesn’t affect the amount of WX that was locked. You can get all the WX back once the locking period is over.

If you have any questions related to Waves.Exchange, feel free to contact us via customer support

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