Important: deleting Waves.Exchange account associated with an email is an irreversible process. Even if you have access to the email to which the deleted account was linked, you will not be able to restore access to it and the funds in it after deletion.

Important: by deleting an Waves.Exchange email account, you only delete the linking of the account to the email, but not the transaction history of this account, since it is impossible to delete data from the blockchain.

To delete your Waves.Exchange account associated with your email, log into that account, click on your account avatar in the top right corner and go to Settings tab. In the Security section of your account settings, click on Delete in the Remove account area.

In the next step, you should carefully read the information in the popup window, and only if you agree with the terms of the account deletion type Agree and click on the Confirm button.

Once you confirm the deletion, you will be provided with detailed instructions for deleting your account. For security reasons and to avoid accidents, account deletion occurs after 30 days, provided that all conditions are met.

Important: If 30 days have not passed since the initialization of the account deletion, you can cancel the account deletion. For that, transfer any token from the "deleted" account to any other Waves.Exchange account or top up your account balance with any verified token (WX, USDN, Waves, BTC, ETH, USDT etc.).

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